10 Powerful Gmail Addons To Transform Your Inbox

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Google from its inception has been delivering some powerful products to change the ways of the world. Google sticks to the ideology of its founder Larry Page who said,”Basically our goal is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful.” Some of its game changing products are Google Search, You Tube, Picasa, Google Map and Gmail. Gmail is the market leader in webmail service which takes leverage of Google search to find any message sent or received by the account holder. The functionality of Gmail can be extended many folds with the help of some powerful addons. Following are list of some powerful Gmail addons which can transform your Inbox.

1. Boomerang

boomerang gmail addon

Boomerang is very helpful addon which will ensure you never miss a follow up mail. You can schedule a mail to be sent later on a particular time. This addon can archive your mails and revive them to your mailbox with marking them as read, unread or starred. This way you don’t have to bother about your important mails being lost in the bulk. You can easily manage your follow up message as Boomerang will remind you either based on the condition of no replies or regardless of a reply. If you are caught up in something and need to remind yourself of something important for the next day, you can easily draft a mail and save it in archive while scheduling it for tomorrow at a particular time. For example you are at an event and you receive a call from a prospective client asking you to share your catalog, you can write a reminder mail for the next day 8 am and with help boomerang, you can easily save the reminder mail in your archive and you will receive the mail next morning at 8am. You can even set payment reminder mails for every last day of the month. You can easily communicate with people in different time zones and even inform your customers about your travel arrangements.

2. Inbox pause

Inbox Pause

You are working on an important project and suddenly you receive a notification of a new mail in your inbox. You check your mailbox to be disappointed by a promotional mail. It breaks your flow and you feel irritated. Inbox pause gives you the freedom from receiving mails in your busy hours. You can easily put new messages on hold when you are busy on something and you will only receive new messages when you want them. All of this is done with the help of a simple pause button. That’s not it, you can also inform the sender’s of the mail that you won’t be able to receive their mail as their message will not be delivered in your inbox. You will have a banner on your mailbox which will inform you when you have paused your mailbox. When you unpause your mailbox, you will receive all the messages in your mailbox with new incoming messages also being delivered. This addon helps you when you are out on a vacation with your family and don’t want to be bothered with mails but you also want to keep your client’s or colleagues informed that you are not receiving their messages so that they don’t anticipate a reply from you.

3. Streak

Streak CRM

This addon brings the power of CRM to your Gmail inbox. You can keep track of all the deals from your mailbox. You can group emails from the same customers into one view. You can easily add customers to your business pipeline. You can easily view your deals and customers in a spreadsheet which helps in creating reports. You can also share the parts of your inbox with your organization so that you can easily assign a resource on all the communication for a particular customer. You can even track your mails to ensure whether the customer has seen your mail or not. This is done with help of an eye icon which turns color on the basis of view. It will indicate with green or grey eye icon that customer has read your mail. You can even snooze an email thread and recover it when you require it. You can write your emails now and schedule them to be sent at a particular time. You can even split an email thread according to your preference. Don’t worry about the privacy and settings of your mailbox as Streak doesn’t fiddles with your mailbox settings rather it adds an organization layer at the top of your mailbox and stores data separately in its own cloud. You can easily use streak with your personal or professional Gmail account.

4. Taskforce

Taskforce Addon

If productivity of your team is your concern then Taskforce is the right solution which can be made a part of your Gmail inbox. It organizes your work as it can convert your emails into tasks. You get a button to convert an email into a task or add an email to existing task. It converts the subject of an email into the title of the task and asks you to enter few details. You can send these tasks and also include the sender in the task list. It doesn’t limit you from collaborating with non Taskforce members. Whenever the receiver of the task writes comments on the task, all the comments will be collected in the comment section. Task also have collaborators, due date and delete functionality. It also provides a news stream in the activity tab. The news stream gives you a snapshot of all the activities happening around your tasks. You can even segregate task into folders based on completed task, current task and delayed task. You can even create task independent of emails.

5. Rapportive


Wish you knew more about your Gmail contacts, so that you can draft them mails suiting their preference. Rapportive comes to your rescue by showing you everything about your contacts. You get Linkedin profiles right in your mailbox to learn more about your contacts. It’s a very helpful tool, if you are sending mails to potential customers. You can easily customize your mails to get more in line with your customer’s demands. For example you are pitching through an email to a customer who works in IT industry; you can easily showcase your expertise in IT to that customer rather sending him generic mails. Rapportive is a must have tool for business and organization. With the help of this addon, you can easily increase your professional network on Linkedin. Rapportive has also been featured in Tech Crunch, Life hacker and other media outlet which makes it more dependable tool.

6. The Email Game

The Email Game

Do you consider managing your inbox a cumbersome and laborious task? The Email Game is the addon which comes to your rescue making email management lot more fun. With a timer running, it will influence you to take action on your mails in a lesser time. It keeps your focus on one message at a time. It uses gamification strategies to engage you in email management like never before. By quickly taking decision on a mail you would be rewarded. It has a point system which gives you a sense of accomplishment while managing your mails. You can also use this addon for your professional Gmail account. The enterprise of this addon supports outlook/exchange and other providers. With this addon you will not only save crucial time in managing your mailbox but will enjoy doing this. You don’t have to bother about the bulk of mails you have to read and reply when you are out on a vacation. This will help you in saving your mail storage space by deleting unwanted messages easily. You can archive all your important mails instantly with the help of this addon. It lets you do all this with a visually appealing interface.

7. Hello Sign


You receive a contract from your client, which needs to be signed and sent back immediately. You will now have to print the contract, sign it, scan and upload to send back the contract to the client. To your horrors, you find your printer is out of ink. This is a very usual situation when you are dealing with documents that need your signature. Hello sign simplifies this process by allowing signing your documents electronically. Whenever you receive a document which needs to be signed, this addon gives you a button with the help of which you can directly sign the document online. It will hardly take a minute of your time. That’s not it; all your documents are legally binding and automatically backed up in your hello sign account. With this addon, you can sign more number of documents per day and also save cost on stationary. It helps you in achieving a paperless work environment.

8. Tout App


Your sales emails are important for your company’s growth; if you wish to manage your sales email professionally then Tout App is the addon you must add to your Gmail. You can write emails faster and send email campaigns to your customer. You can track your emails to measure their efficiency in accomplishing your goals. It gives you the power of templates so that you don’t have to write the same things again rather personalize the mails to engage your customers better. You can easily draft your follow up based on intelligent analysis of customer’s response and engagement. It not only integrates your mails with your CRM but also auto updates it. You can share track able presentations and documents. You can even suggest meeting times to your clients. You can easily set up reminders for follow up mails. You can even schedule the delivery for most appropriate time.


Unroll me

Are you annoyed of receiving promotional mails or updates which you are not able to recollect of subscribing? Then is the addon for your Gmail. You can easily unsubscribe from all the mails you don’t wish to receive. It doesn’t only unsubscribe from unwanted mails but you can also keep all your favorite subscription mails into a visually appealing digest called Roll up. The roll up can be scheduled in your inbox at a particular time in a day. So if you wish to receive all your subscription mails for evening after office, comes to your rescue. You can easily manage your Facebook notifications for after work hours. You can receive your newsletter or updates related to your work during your work hours. This gives you the freedom to choose what you want to see and when you want to see in your mailbox.


Assistant To

This addon acts as a personal assistant to you by helping in scheduling your meetings. All of this at one click of a button. You just have to create a meeting and key in meeting details. The details include your time of availability and your preferred meeting tool like hangout. When you hit the send button, the recipient will receive potential meeting times. They just have to click “works for me” to accept a meeting time. Once the meeting is set, this addon will automatically send calendar request to the recipient with the details of the meeting. You can reschedule the meetings easily without going through hassles. The only limitation it has is that it schedule one to one meetings and doesn’t have option for multiple attendees.