5 Must Have Extensions For Your Magento Store

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Magento is an amazing open source E-commerce platform and to harness its true potential you need to use the right extensions. Here is a list of 10 Magento extensions that any Magento store must use.

1. Abandoned Cart Alerts Pro

This extension comes handy when customers add products to the shopping cart but do not make the purchase. This extension of Magento will help you customize reminder alerts for the customers who abandoned the shopping cart without making the purchase. This will impact your sales positively as it leads to purchases which were overlooked previously. It helps customer to recover their cart in just about one click. You can set manual or automatic alerts and you can stop the alerts when the customer has made purchase. It is updated regularly to provide bug fixes. It allows you to add a coupon with expiration date in your alert to influence customer to take action. You can either manually or automatically send alerts. You can easily view the statistics of the carts which were abandoned and the abandoned carts which got converted into sales. There are other statistics like time lapse between when the customer abandoned the cart and when he recovered it to help you set alert with specific delay based on the analysis of reports. You can save the history of all the alerts you sent. This is a must have extension for an eCommerce store, it positively impacts your store’s bottom line.

2. Easy Banners

This extension is designed to remove all the hassles related to the advertisement of your eCommerce site. You can easily create banners for your online store through your admin panel. The extension let you target specific customer groups. You can display information such as discount hours or a discount day easily. It is really desirable extension for Magento due to its unparalleled benefits. You can also sort the banners and upload images, JavaScript or html code for your banners. You can get statistics for your banners efficiency. You can create highly target oriented banners with banners for specific store, specific category, specific product, specific data range etc. You can have unlimited number of placeholders which you can link to any reference block. It also has 10 predefined place holders. You can place unlimited number of banners and content block for each placeholder. You can have targeted banners based on specific store view, on specific category, on specific product, on specific customer group, on predefined number of clicks or on a specified date range. These banners give you flexibility to advertise your store based on your specific requirements and preferences.

3. Magento Word Press Integration

This extension gives the power of Word Press to your Magento store. This extension is compatible with Magento Enterprise, Professional and Community edition. The great part about this is you can have the same theme as of Magento for your Word Press blog site. It lets you use innumerable Word Press plugins. You can associate a blog post to a product in your store. Blogging is a great tool for marketing of your store. It helps you build your brand and stand out of the crowd. You can make your blog SEO friendly and get more traffic on your Magento store through your blogsite. It simplifies managing your Magento store as well as WordPress site as you can login to WordPress Admin from Magento Admin in about one click. It is the only WordPress extension that supports WordPress short codes and new custom short codes. You can create Magento Top menu from your WordPress admin. You can even configure your blogs SEO with WordPress SEO. With Magento Multisite Integration you can easily associate different blog with each store.

4. Official Zopim Live Chat

The best way to woo your customers is to give them a personalized help. The Zopim live Chat provides you opportunity to engage your visitors through a live chat option. You can have a virtual sales person assisting your customers and helping your business grow. It takes just 60 sec to establish the chat between you and your customer. You can also track the visitors of your site and keep information on them. You can also customize your chat widget to get in line with your brand. You get a dashboard’s support to view saved chat history, template messages, Q & A etc. You can reply your clients via dashboard or an instant messenger. Zopim chat can be used with the other popular applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Netsuite, OSticket etc. Zopim Live Chat has received high accolades in the press and media getting featured in Tech Crunch, Business week, CNet etc. It is being used by around 50,000 businesses internationally. Zopim Live chat comes with a great support team to address all your issues more comprehensively.

5. Visualize Your Attributes

The visual appeal of your eCommerce store gives your customers a better shopping experience. You can make your product descriptions more engaging by supplementing them with images. This extension gives you the freedom to add icons as images, color swatches and text icons. This extension works well for displaying color, sizes, warranty signs, show brand manufacturer logos, money back icons, various products qualities like fragility or product care tips, and any other information that can be visualized. You can add three types of icons to your store Custom Image icons, Color Swatch icons and Text Icons. With the help of this you can place icons at various places in your store to make the design more lucrative. Admin can easily add, delete and replace images. You can upload images for every option of single select and multi select attributes. It also gives you the power to control attributes visualization in layered navigation. It helps in replacing product images with color swatches for configurable products.