5 Phenomenal Magento Extensions For A State Of The Art Online Store

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amazing magento extensions

Magento is an amazing open source E-commerce platform and to harness its true potential you need to use the right extensions. Here is a list of 10 Magento extensions that any Magento store must use.



Blogging has become an invincible marketing tactics lately. Blog extension for Magento gives you the power to create relevant and valuable content for your customers. The content not only helps in attracting customers but also helps in engaging them. It also supports your sales strategy by influencing the customers to buy your products as they have a good brand perception formed through a good content base. It helps in facilitating a two way communication between you and your customers. You can broadcast store information, promotions, news etc and also receive valuable feedback from your customers. You can communicate with your regular customers as well as casual visitors. It allows you to integrate RSS feed with your blog and you can create multi-store RSS. It is equipped with a latest post widget. It helps the visitor in commenting on blogs by pre-filling the comments field for logged in customers. You can easily manage blog menu. Blogs are an important part of goal conversion. The blogs not only draw customers to your store but enhances the user experience design of your store.

One Step Checkout

one step checkout

One step checkout for Magento allows your customers to checkout from your E-commerce store easily. In traditional checkout process various steps are involved for which customers are redirected to different pages and they have to provide information on each page to proceed further for completing checkout. One step checkout simplifies the checkout by eliminating the hassles involved and integrating all the steps on a single page for faster checkout. The updates you made on this page will be automatically reflected on the shipment, payment method and order review page. It takes leverage of auto suggestions to help customer auto fill information that they previously provided. It helps customers to make changes in the product quantity or remove any product from the checkout page. One step checkout has payment gateway integration provided by popular brands like Paypal, Moneybookers, Sagepay etc. It allows customer to set delivery time according to their preference. It has many additional features like professional page display and customer can fill surveys form the checkout page. It allows customer to order with gift wraps from checkout page itself. It also allows adding discount codes, gift messages, comments from the checkout page. One Step Checkout also works well on mobile devices by being highly responsive. The extension can be easy integrated while converting your designs to a magento theme

AJAX Cart Pro

ajax cart pro

This plugin for Magento helps to update any page without the need to reload page as the page is automatically refreshed with the update. Whenever a customer adds or removes a product from the shopping cart, it is automatically refreshed without page reload. It works well with shopping cart as well as wishlist. Ajax cart pro allows you to directly add product from category page without being redirected to product page and it is done with help of a pop up. It allows you to add Cart animations and control progress. You can modify the pop up and also add widgets, images or variables to it. It also allows you to add confirmation block at the end of adding/removing of any product from the cart. The best part is it supports Magento’s all product types. This extension remains in line with the layout of your store, any custom dialog box, widgets, images etc matches your store design as to maintain consistency of your store. Ajax Cart Pro focuses on providing a great user experience design for the customers which increases their satisfaction levels and thus increases the number of repeat sales.

Shop by Brands


Another great which let you find the products by brand reducing your navigation time. It helps you create brand module and connect products to them. You can add various attributes to the brand like image, description, brand logo and market the brand in a better way. You can create brand menus keeping all the products of the brand under its name. You can also showcase all the brands you offer through your store at one place. You can also set the priority of the brands. Through Shop by Brands, you not only endorse the brands you offer but also build a better brand perception of your store.  Most of the customers while looking for a product search through popular brands for the product. If you don’t support a brand wise product display, you may lose out on serious business opportunity. By setting brand priority you can also manage the brand’s whose product you want to highlight more through your store. You can also analyze the performance of the products on the basis of brands.

Help Desk Ultimate

help desk ultimate

If you want to have a great customer satisfaction levels then Help Desk Ultimate comes to your rescue. It provides ticket management system for Magento to solve customer issues. It allows a customer to post request via multiple sources. It takes care of customer support comprehensively. The extension deals with ticket assignment and queuing up of tickets. The idea behind this extension is to make your e-commerce store stand out of the competition in terms of customer satisfaction. The added advantage you get is that it has no monthly subscription fee and is highly customizable. You get full control over the module which allows you to alter the code to include options of your choice. This extension facilitates not only your customers by better handling their issues but also helps you to have an efficient support team  by providing you workload reports, individual agent statistics, ticket statuses statistics and creates copy of each message sent by the help desk team. This makes it an irresistible extension which is dynamic in nature.

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