6 Plausible Reasons To Shopify Your Business

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Reasons to Use Shopify

“Shopify is a simplified e-commerce platform that is designed to remove all the common barriers that small businesses, micro-enterprises and individuals face when trying to sell online. These barriers include hassles such as setting up hosting, integrating with credit card gateways, learning about security, SSL and the high cost of some e-commerce software.” These are the words straight from the horse’s mouth, one of the founders of Shopify, Scott Lake. Shopify has over the years become a dependable eCommerce platform which has featured in the press namely Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch, Mashable etc receiving high accolades.

Following Are The Reasons Which Make It A Preferred Choice For E-Commerce Business.

1. Simplified E-Commerce Platform

As a business owner even if you are not tech savvy, Shopify gives you an eCommerce platform that has an intuitive design. The other E-Commerce platforms available require some level of technical skills but Shopify require no such skills. It gives you a centralized dashboard which allows comprehensive store management. It is simple but that doesn’t mean it compromises on technical features as the technicalities are taken care of by Shopify itself like hosting and coding. This helps you focus on your core business rather than getting stuck in technicalities of your store. The maintenance and bug fixes are taken care of by 24*7 call support team and email support. It comes with great documentation as the instructional manual helps you easily get comfortable using it. If you are a business owner who thought managing an online store is a rocket science then Shopify is exactly the eCommerce platform for you that help you easily adapt to online eCommerce environment.

2. Highly Customizable Themes

The thing which gets an online store a better brand perception is its visual appeal. As a business owner, the main concern would be to have unique brand recognition. Shopify gives you themes which you can customize with your brand logo, changing fonts and colors. These themes are already of a professional level so with a little customization you can have great aesthetics for your store. If you require a higher level of customization, that can be done using CSS, HTML or Liquid, Shopify’s proprietary language. Even if you don’t know these languages, you can easily outsource this work to a developer. There are a lot of developers available to converts your design PSD to Shopify Theme

3. Helps you Marketing Your Products

Your eCommerce store must not be beautiful in design and loaded with great features only, it should be marketed well. Shopify comes equipped with marketing functions like SEO optimized codes making your eCommerce store easily discover able on search engines. You can edit the pages and Meta data as well to gain higher rankings in search result. The higher you rank in search engine, the more traffic your store gets which leads to increase in sales. Shopify positively impacts your bottom line allowing you to create coupon codes and add cart recovery mails to remind users about the abandoned carts. It can also automatically create site maps for your eCommerce store to get your site indexed in search engines easily. You can also add Google analytics to better examine the performance of your site. That’s not it, you easily integrate apps to get a more advanced marketing functions. This makes Shopify a highly recommended eCommerce platform for business owners.

4. Portable Management

Shopify gives you the flexibility to manage your store with Apple Ipad or Iphone. You can easily manage your store using an IOS app on your device. You will be able to access your dashboard on the move and see reports on the performance of your store. It will let you know about the visibility and discover ability of your store. You can review the orders and also manage your product catalog. The app will also let you manage your customers providing their contact details. You can manage multiple stores using this app. The app not only saves your precious time but is free of cost. You don’t have to bother about your store because you can carry your store in your pocket. The app comes with support to fix bugs and issues. This app is highly lucrative for business owners who have to travel a lot as they can easily manage their store while in transit.

5. Shopify Point Of Sale

Shopify offers a Point Of Sale card reader with an iOS app which allows you to accept payments from Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards. You can also integrate this app with receipt printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers. You can manage your inventory in real time with it. It allows placing orders without internet access and these orders would be synced with Shopify when you are connected. You can split a payment in two or more types like accepting a part of payment as cash and other as credit card payment. It also allows using multiple credit cards for single payment. In case of returning of payment, you can provide store credits to your customers. You can have gift cards mailed to your customers which they can redeem at the store. It has an amazing checkout process where customer can place order without going to the checkout page. It has built in store management features as well as smooth customer management.

6. Shopify App Store

Shopify has its own developer community who develop state of the art apps for your Shopify store. There is no functionality which is left unattended by these Apps. If you think your Shopify store needs some added features and functionality, you can easily supplement it with a Shopify App. Whether you want an App to promote you on social networking sites or you want to encourage customers to write reviews for your products, there are various app available to choose from. You want to have a more complex SEO done for your eCommerce store, you can use apps which allow you to manage your SEO. You can make your store unique by using various combinations of Apps to give different functionality. This dedicated app store for Shopify makes it a revolutionary eCommerce platform as the app store is regularly updated with new apps which help you to tap opportunities which didn’t exist previously. It makes Shopify a dynamic platform rather than being a fixed platform which gets outdated with new technological advancements.