7 Imperative Shopify Apps For Your Store

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Shopify helps you setting up your very own eCommerce store to sell your products to a large customer base online. Your ecommerce store represents your brand and establishes positive or negative association in customer’s mind. That’s why it is utmost important that your online store should not only serve customers but exceed their expectations. To give your customers a state of the art online store, you need to supplement it with some powerful features. Shopify apps comes to your rescue to extend the functionality of your store. Following are the list of seven must have Shopify apps discussed that should be part of your ecommerce store.

1. Chimpified

It is an application which connects your Shopify store with your Mailchimp Account. Mail Chimp lets you send emails to your subscribers. Mail chimp helps in successfully running of your email marketing campaign. Chimpified synchronizes your Mail Chimp account with Shopify store regularly. Chimpified only keep the list of subscribers who have accepted receiving marketing emails from your end and unsubscribe all those who don’t wish to receive any marketing mails. Chimpified app lets you see detailed campaign reports with total revenue and the number of products ordered. It also holds information about past purchases for each customer in Subscriber Profiles. You can even segment your list and target customers based on product purchased. You can also access your Shopify product images in your MailChimp gallery.

2. Socialify

It is a highly useful app for showcasing your products on Facebook and Twitter. You can easily publish your products on Facebook and Twitter. Your product post will be visible to the fans in their news feed. You can also promote your products through offers and discounts on these social networks. The posts are automatically published whenever you add any new product. You can even translate your post in your local language with the help of customizable templates. That’s not it, the customers can directly purchase your products from your Facebook page. This is a powerful tool to increase the discover ability of your store and its products. You take leverage of a highly active Facebook and Twitter community which gets your store more traffic within minutes of publishing any new product. You can even run campaigns on these social networks to target specific group or you can cross sell and up sell your products.

3. Add This

Whenever your customer’s share your Shopify store’s product information with others, it fetches your store more potential customers. With Add This app you can easily measure sharing of your content across various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Address bar in real time. With this app your site visitors will be able to share your content across 300 social networks and book marking sites which will market your products in better light. You can also plan your social sharing strategy with its real time analytics and increase user engagement for your site. This is one of the must have app for your Shopify store. This app helps you getting recommendations from your customers to influence potential buyers.

4. Campaignified

With the help of this app, you can easily add the buyers of your Shopify store to the Campaign monitor subscriber list at the time of checkout. It helps in building up your mailing list. You can easily send follow up newsletter to your customers. It lets your customers choose whether they wish to receive marketing related information or not. This is a hassle free way to build your email subscriber list which is very important for repeat visits of your customers. By sending emails to your customers, you can build a rapport with them and achieve a better brand perception for your Shopify store.

5. Live Chat

This is one of the best app, if you wish to enhance your customer’s shopping experience by giving them personalized chat assistance. This widget only opens chat when there is a real visitor on your site. It works well across all platforms and browsers. You can even attach files to your chat. You can analyze the activity of your visitors in real time and acknowledge real customers. It is reliable and secure. It also has anti spam features. You can easily save chats and view chat history. It also creates logs for unsuccessful live chat attempts. It also provides you a free contact and feedback form. It also provides for request a call feature.

6. Yotpo

It is a very powerful tool to get reviews of your product from your shoppers. It mails the recent buyers to write a review. The customers can directly write reviews from their mailbox. It not only allows writing reviews but also reading reviews. It lets sharing of product reviews on social networking sites. It also helps in identifying the reviewer to build more credibility amongst potential buyers. It draws traffic to your website and also increases your sales. It also has some beautiful designs to provide visually appealing reviews for visitors of your store. You can also showcase your reviews in search results with the help of rich snippet integration. It also allows upselling of your products by promoting them in a better light.

7. Order Printer

This shopify app allows you to print custom invoices, labels, receipts and packing slips etc. It can be fully customized with the help of HTML. If you don’t know HTML, you can easily get an external developer to customize it for you. It allows you to create some visually appealing templates with the help of HTML and Liquid. It also facilitates bulk printing. You can fully customize your documents. It is very important app as it allows you to create receipts and other important documents according to your requirement and preference easily.