7 Irresistible WordPress Plugins For Your WordPress Site

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Irresistible Wordspress Plugins

Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men on this planet and an investor said “Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get business.” This holds true for your WordPress site, it has to deliver something special to the visitor’s to get business. To make your WordPress site special, you need to supplement it with wordpress plugins for a great user experience and awesome analytics.

Following Extensions Help You Achieve Your Goals.

SEO By Yoast

This plugin helps your WordPress site to be better equipped for SEO purpose. It not only takes care of the technicalities of your site to make it Search engine friendly but also make you use focus keywords to create content that ranks higher in search engines. It also gives you a snippet view of your post to help you know how your content will look in search result. This will help to increase click through rates for your site as you can change your content to have a better snippet. It analyzes your page to check whether you have images or not and is your content too long or too short. It helps you write Meta description as well. It creates XML sitemaps of your site and notifies the search engine that the site maps exist. A sitemap helps in getting your pages indexed on a search engine. It allows you to add link to the RSS feeds. It also has inbuilt breadcrumbs functionality to make your content discoverable.

All In One SEO Pack

This plugin is a must have for your WordPress site as it has features that makes it comprehensive tool for search engine optimization. It allows you to submit your sitemaps to Google and Bing which helps your site getting indexed. It provides your WordPress site with advanced canonical URL’s. It has Google analytics support which allows you to analysis the traffic of your site and also analyze your goal conversion. It gives you better page navigation links. It has an inbuilt API which allows you to extend the functionality of theme/ plugin. It is the only plugin which allows you to integrate SEO capabilities to your WordPress e-commerce site as well. It has inbuilt Nonce security support. It not only optimizes your titles for Google but also generates Meta Tags automatically.


The world has become a global village with diminishing boundaries on the professional front. If you want multilingual WordPress sites then WPML comes handy as it is professionally competent to match up corporate sites. It can translate your content, menus, taxonomy and themes text as well. It provides the user a platform in multiple languages where the user manually writes content in a particular language. It is compatible with other WordPress plugins making it highly desirable. It also comes with support for any of your issues by the developer team. Use WPML with your WordPress site, if you are working in various geographies. It gives you an easy and fast way to translate your content in multiple languages at a click of a button.


This plugin comes to your rescue when you are writing multilingual content for your WordPress sites. It provides you professional human translation for your site and you can switch languages in a click of button. The page is translated prior to loading as per user preference. It has the major languages of the world built in like English, German, simplified Chinese with many more languages. You don’t have to worry about the .mo files as they are automatically downloaded. It also helps you to have simple url’s which are search engine friendly. It can support infinite languages with simple customization. You don’t have to bother about the translated version of your content even if you don’t know the language it is translated in.

The Events Calendar

If you want to create and manage events with ease, all you need is The Events Calender plugin for your WordPress site. It has comprehensive features to manage events with features to include recurring events, ticket sales, publicly submitted events, new views, Facebook event integration etc. It is highly recommended plugin for compatibility and functionality endorsed by the WordPress community. It is highly customize-able and allows you to create events in less than 5 minutes. You can save venues and organizers. You can search for events and get Google maps for the location. It has a widget to showcase upcoming events. It works well across all platforms whether you are using a tablet, Smartphone or a PC. It allows increasing the SEO for your events with the help of microformats. It helps you manage your events according to categories and tags.

CodeStyling Localization

It helps you to detect get text translation files (.po/.mo) automatically and gives you the power to edit them from your Admin interface. You can take leverage of Google Translate API or Microsoft Translator API for translation which is assisted by this plugin. It also helps you to translate BuddyPress sites as well. You can create new language translation files at chosen language. It can scan the source code files to update catalog entries. The idea behind this plugin is to localize your WordPress site in the language of your own choice.


It is a must have plugin for your WordPress site as it lets you create a form which allows users to subscribe to the content of your site based on their preferred category. It also manages the email notifications which are sent to the subscribers of your WordPress site when you post any new content. It is plugin to provide comprehensive subscription. It helps your website in goal conversion by providing a smart email sign up pop. It helps your site go viral with the help of social networking sites like Facebook. It ensures user engagement by sending automated welcome mails, weekly digest and friend joined alerts. It has enhanced email deliver-ability with cloud based analytic. You can customize to include or exclude categories as a part of subscription. Admin controls the presentation of email notification and manual emails can also be sent. It has Ready Graph integration which is optional. Ready Graph helps in growing your database of subscribers.