7 Lucrative iPad Apps For Designers

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Best Ipad Apps For Designers

“On the iPhone I tended to draw with my thumb. Whereas the moment I got to the iPad, I found myself using every finger.” These are the words of one of the most influential English painter, David Hockney. The above stated words make it clear that how valuable is iPad as a tool for painters, designers and all sorts of creative people. If you are a designer who just love to carry your iPad around with you so that whenever you get an inspiration, you can easily draw and save your work. iPad has evolved as a great painting tool supplemented by various apps that are available. Following are the list of 7 apps that are very helpful for designers to get their work done.

1. InkistInkist Ipad App

This app is highly recommended owing to the customizable brushes and tools it has. It has a simple interface which is easy to get comfortable with. It also helps you in switching between tools with ease and swiftly. It has a list of powerful tools like blending tools, selection tools, text tool etc. The brushes can be highly customized according to individual preference of shape, flow, softness etc.


paper Ipad App
The paper app by Fifty Three is an app for beginners. It helps you in sketching your product design or outlining any idea. The app has a simple and user friendly interface. You can sketch, draw, outline and color with the help of this app. It also lets you draw with the help of a tapered pencil. It is also very comfortable to draw using your fingers on this app.

3. Sketchbook Pro

This app gives you the freedom to choose from variety of pen, pencil, markers and airbrushes. It gives you the flexibility to work with layers, transparency options, annotations and many advanced blend modes. It has an easy to use interface and allows you to rapidly design without any hassles.

4. Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas

This app allows you to draw free form vector illustrations. It has a big virtual canvas with pressure sensitive stylus support. The brushes can be easily customized. You can take leverage of Adobe creative cloud by syncing your projects with it and they can be refined in the illustrator. You can even share your designs to other applications like Behance and Photoshop Touch. There are many other options which make this app remarkable for designers.

5. Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop
With the help of this app you can easily combine images, add some professional effects to them and share them across social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This app lets you play with your images, the way you want. You can even select part of an image to extract with the help of Scribble Selection tool. It also works on high resolution images. You can even integrate it with Google Image search.

6. Art Rage

This is the most intuitive app as it has everything which a designer would want in the toolbox. You can easily blend colors and experiment with various textures through a realistic looking canvas. The water colors look remarkably natural. The beauty of this app is it gives you an essence of drawing on a real canvas.

7. Tayasui SketchesTayasui Sketches

Let your imagination run loose with the help of this app. You can easily draw and make sketches in no time. There are various drawing options to select from like pencil, pen, felt pen, brush pen, oil pastel etc. You can easily manage your drawing in various folders based on categories. The user interface gives you a feel of working on the real canvas. It hides all unnecessary buttons and menus to keep all the distractions out of your way.