8 Advantages Of Using Bootstrap As Your Front End Framework

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advantages of using bootstrap

The past decade is a witness of a paradigm shift in technology and the way we use it. Technological advancement has revolutionised the way we interact, socialise, think and do business. Technology has altered the way we do business with expansion of E-commerce and M-commerce market globally. There is an upsurge in demand for web and mobile applications which can be developed in a short span of time to be available in the market. Bootstrap is one such front end framework that facilitates creation of the front end of web sites and web applications. It contains a CSS framework and is written in LESS. There are predefined classes in bootstrap that can be used to develop the front end of the web pages, which compatible across browsers and cross devices, in a very short duration of time which otherwise would be a very time consuming task. There are multiple advantages of using bootstrap as your front end framework and a fe of theme have been highlighted below.

Ease Of Use

Bootstrap provides LESS files for those who are accustomed to CSS preprocessing but if you don’t know it or don’t want to use it, you can have plain CSS files as well. All you need to do is download the files from Bootstrap’s website, unzip them and include them in the head of your HTML files. This gives you the access to the entire framework and you can start using the pre defined bootstrap classes with our markup. Before you start converting your designs to markup it is very important that the designs use the default bootstrap framework grid.

Highly Flexible

Bootstrap gives the developers the flexibility to develop. Its a CSS framework with predefined classes for layout using its grid system, various CSS components and Javascript functions. These are all included and the developer has the flexibility and freedom of using only those classes that are needed in the markup. This makes it highly flexible as only those objects that are needed in the markup are used by the developer leaving the rest.

Responsive Grid

This is the strongest part of the bootstrap framework. Bootstrap offers a 12 column grid system. The grid system is responsive, that is it adjusts itself depending on the device resolution of the client. These grids have further classes that have been defined in sync with the device resolution that they represent. These grids have classes xs, sm, md and lg each representing a device resolution. All the developer needs to do is include these classes while defining the visibility of an element in the markup and hence come up with a responsive website. The responsive grid makes developing responsive websites really easy using bootstrap.

Comprehensive List Of Components

Bootstrap has all the components you would require for your website. It includes Drop Down Menus, Navigation Bar, Progress Bar, Alerts, Labels, Badges etc. It comprehensively includes all the components you may require and the developer can easily include them in the markup. This saves a lot of time as the developer would not have to develop these from scratch and worry about cross browser and cross device compatibility. All that is needed to get them working is to include the correct classes in your markup and things would all into place

Leveraging Javascript Libraries

Bootstrap has over a dozen javascript plugin pre-developed for the developers to be used.There are various functions that are most often used in most of the websites that have been included in the javascript libraries of bootstrap. These include Tabs, ScrollSpy, Tooltips, Pop Overs, Buttons, Alerts and lots more. Again using and customising them is really easy.

Frequent Updates

Bootstrap releases more updates than any other framework. The bootstrap development tea’m as soon as encounters any problem, starts working on the solution. With Bootstrap updates released consistently and frequently, you can rest assured that you are working with the latest tools. This also ensures a wider range of cross browser and cross device compatibility.

Detailed Documentation And Vast Community

Bootstrap has a very detailed documentation and a vast community supporting it. Even if a developer is new to Bootstrap, the documentation provides a great support in learning it without any hassles. The documentation includes examples and demos which help understanding the concepts and getting accustomed to Bootstrap in a short span of time. Despite of such a detailed documentation even if a developer gets stuck somewhere there is a vast community and a lot of forums that help answer questions.


Bootstrap was developed with an idea to give developers a centralised development code. Bootstrap provides you the end result which is uniform across platforms. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with Internet Explorer, Google chrome or Firefox, it gives you the same performance independent of the platform.