8 Amazing Advantages of Joomla That Make It A Dependable CMS

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advantages of joomla

What does Ebay, GE and IKEA have in common apart from being a worldwide famous brands? Joomla . Joomla is a cutting edge content management system which facilitates building of websites and online applications. Joomla is an open source solution which is free of cost. Joomla is easy to use and manages variety of content texts, videos, audios, documents, photos etc. Joomla has the power of being extended to provide state of the art functionalities with the help of extensions. It has been awarded with Open source CMS award which makes it highly credible to be used as a CMS for your web application. There are many advantages of Joomla including better architecture as compared to other Content Management Systems.

Following Advantages Make Joomla A Must Have CMS For Your Website

Open Source

Being an open source CMS, Joomla is free of cost. It is not the cost that matters but the advantages of using open source software are immense. Open source community helps in continuous improvement of the software making it more robust, secure and user friendly. The open source code is freely available and can be reused. There are consistent security updates available which makes it highly dependable. Joomla is updated frequently with more powerful versions.

Easy Content Management

One of the key advantages of using Joomla as a CMS is that you don’t require any technical skills to get handy with it. This makes it very friendly for business users who doesn’t know HTML programming or who are less interested in the technical part of the CMS. As an Admin, using Joomla to manage your website content would be cake walk for even non tech savvy user. It allows creating wide variety of websites like directory listing, classifieds, online job portals, ecommerce stores, real estate sites, social networking sites or you can power your ecommerce website with a blog site with the help of Joomla. Some of above mentioned sites works well only with Joomla CMS.

Built In Tools For SEO

Joomla is equipped with SEO friendly features to make your websites rank higher on search engine and it increases the discover ability of your website. Joomla helps in creating search engine friendly URL’s. By enable the creation of search engine friendly URL, you will have a better ranking on search engines which leads to more traffic on your site. You can edit the Meta description or Meta tags of any page to make the page rank higher on the search engines. This makes joomla backed sites to be preferred by search engines.

Community Support

You get a terrific support from the open source community whenever you face any issues with your website. If you have any issues or concerns, you can raise them and rest assured to find a solution. There are many external developers available which specialize on Joomla. They provide you with professional support for your websites. You can also take leverage of issues raised by other users or any suggestions that you can implement for your site as well.

Powerful Content Editing Features

Joomla have powerful editors that make editing content easy and fast. You can easily locate content, you want to edit in Joomla. It has the most accredited menu creation tool that allows creating hierarchy of menus with submenus. Joomla has an inbuilt caching feature which allows faster loading of the website and swift execution of requests. It also has a multi lingual support which helps you to create versions of your site in multiple languages.

Extensions To Extend Functionality

Joomla websites can be supplemented with large number of extensions to add functionalities to the site. These extensions not only make your Joomla website more powerful but also smoothens the management of the websites. You can highly customize your website with the help of extensions. The new extensions are available more frequently which gives features that were nonexistent previously. These extensions provide functionality like social media integration, SEO functions, form creations, menu editors etc. Some of the popular Joomla extensions are ChronoForms, VirtueMart, K2, Jcomments, Gravatar etc

Template Management

This is one of the features which makes Joomla irresistible CMS. Joomla has many templates to choose from to make your website look professionally competent. It supports front end manageability. You can even choose different templates for different sections of your site. It allows you to customize each part of your page. This gives you a power to control the look of your site in exactly the way u desire. The user interface can be created as per user requirement. Once you understand the template structure for joomla its really east to convert PSD to Joomla templates

News Feed Management

Joomla allows the users of your site to subscribe to latest content on your site through their RSS readers. You can easily syndicate the content on your site. You can aggregate RSS feeds from other sources and integrate them with your site. RSS feeds play a crucial role in bringing traffic to your site. Joomla provides a good feed management functionality making the latest content on your site readily available to the users.

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