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Why We Love Adobe’s Project Comet (And All Web Designers Should)

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Adobe recently announced that it has been working on developing a new design tool code-named Project Comet. The announcement came along with an introductory video as well, explaining the capabilities and the advantages of using the new design tool for web and application design.

Photoshop and Illustrator are two widely used tool as far as web design is concerned, but none of these were developed primarily as design tools. Both Photoshop and Illustrator are bloated and don’t really fit into the web and mobile application design as these have majorly evolved over a past few years. Also, with the launch of applications like Sketch3, the perspective towards a web design tool has really changed. Sketch3 has done a wonderful job of re-inventing the process followed by a web designer to design websites and has included loads of features into the software, which are not offered by either Photoshop or Illustrator. Adobe holds a monopolistic position as far as design software is concerned and there is no competition to its flagship products like Photoshop and Illustrator and Project Comet is definitely a step towards maintaining that position. But having said that, Project Comet seems to be promising and offers the following key features to resolve the challenges faced by today’s UX designers.

This interview by @BenjieMoss given by Andrew Shorten—a Director of Project Management at Adobe, gives a great insight into what Adobe’s Project Comet is all about.

Fast And Accurate

Photoshop and Illustrator are packed with features and most of them at times not even used by UX designers, hence they are bloated and consume a lot of system resources reducing the speed of work. Project Comet has been designed with a very specific purpose in mind and hence is not bloated. The tools that are a part of the application have been specifically designed for a UX designer.

Design Is For Many Devices And Screen Sizes

Designing a web application is no longer limited to doing it just of the desktops. All responsive web applications render differently on different devices depending upon the resolution of the device. Hence, there is a need for an application which lets you preview your designs in mobile devices and lets you design specifically for mobiles and tablets as well. Photoshop and Illustrator don’t have dedicated tools which let you design for mobile devices and preview those designs on the fly. Adobe Comet is aiming to resolve the problem and integrates tools which not only help you create designs for different devices but also give the ability to the designer to preview the designs on the device itself and optimise the designs while designing them.

Modern Design Challenges Of Motion and Interaction on Mobile Devices

With a revolution in mobile technology and internet usage trends moving towards mobile applications, the demand for mobile-friendly websites and mobile applications is at its highest level. Even though the demand has increased there has been no major change in tools that are used for designing these applications and websites. Mobile applications are much more interactive and also dependant on motion sensing. Photoshop and Illustrator help create images and do not have the ability to design the interactivity and reactions to motion that the application would output. The development of Adobe Comet has been focused in the direction of resolving this challenge of interaction and motion design on mobile devices. How Adobe Comet will be able to do it and how successful will it be will only be evident with the release of the first version of the application.

See Device Designs In Real Time

This is one feature which really looks amazing in the video and a designer would really be able to relate to it. When you create a design for a mobile device on a large screen it becomes really difficult to visualise how it would render on the real device. It’s usually the minute details such as the font size and icon size etc that really needs optimisation on the mobile device. Adobe Comet resolves this for you by giving you the ability to preview your designs on the fly while you create them. This feature is already offered by Sketch3 and seems to be an inspiration and adaptation of the same. Nevertheless, it’s a great feature and would really be welcomed by designers designing for mobile devices.

One Tool For Prototyping And Designing

Because Photoshop and Illustrator were primarily not designed for creating designs for mobile and web applications, the process involved in creating designs is not optimised for the purpose. Hence, creating designs takes time and involves a lot of effort. Due to this many prototyping applications mushroomed which provide a very straight forward and easy interface for creating design prototypes quickly. Ux Designers often create prototypes using these tools with an intention of getting an approval on the layout from the client which in turn saves time while designing and also ensure that the final design being created is in sync with the client’s vision. Adobe’s Project Comet aims to simplify the design process and which in turn would eliminate the need for prototyping tools and help designers create finalised designs at the very first stage.

Project Comet would initially be released only for Mac Devices and there is no commitment as to when it would be done for the Windows devices. We’re sure a lot of Ux Designers would be waiting with great anticipation to try there hands on this new tool by Adobe.