Finally A Real Photoshop Alternative, And Its Free For Mac !!

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Serif introduced its Affinity Photo app exclusively for MAC users. This graphic editor app designed to target professionals as well as generic users would impact Photoshop’s market share as at a price tag of US $49.99, it is a much cheaper alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop with no subscription costs involved and free updates for next two years.

Serif is confident that Affinity Photo app will gain traction as its Affinity Designer app bagged the title of number two Mac app for 2014. Serif’s Managing Director Ashley Hewson, highlighted the reason Affinity Photo app would be well received by designers and other industry professionals. He said the app being constructed on a new code base is faster as compared to Adobe’s 25 year old architecture. Serif is leaving no stone unturned in a bid to capture Adobe’s Market share. Tony Brightman, head of Affinity development, said that in a bid to receive feedback, we are providing free Affinity Photo beta which can downloaded and installed on MAC. The feedback received from industry professionals would help upgrading the app to suit their requirement and preferences. The free version can be downloaded from following link

One of the USP of Affinity Photo is its Real-time editing feature which means that all the changes are reflected immediately in the graphics without using apply button or looking at the preview. The interesting part is that you will know immediately the changes in the graphics as soon as you use any special effects. Another head turning feature is “loss less” scaling which implicates when you downsize any image all the pixels will be retained to maintain the graphic quality whereas in Photoshop, some pixels are lost permanently on downsizing.

To allure professional photographers the app has support for CMYK color which is a mainstay of commercial print industry. It also has Raw Processing with LAB color. It facilitates 16-bit editing with ICC color management.

To promote its usage with Photoshop users, the basic usage of Affinity Photo is similar. It looks different on MAC screens to the users of Photoshop but Affinity Photo would be cake walk for users accustomed to Photoshop as it is easy to learn. It has familiar blur effects, filters, layer masks and “Adjustment layers” as Photoshop. The Inpainting feature of Affinity Photo is parallel to Adobe’s content aware fill feature.


It’s too early to predict the success of Affinity Photo against the graphic editing giant Photoshop which has been an industry leader for last 25 years but it’s difficult to deny the fact that Affinity Photo could be the real alternate to Adobe Photoshop at a much cheaper price. Adobe Photoshop has a large loyal customer base comprising of seasoned industry professionals who are accustomed to this mature software which has become an integral part of their professional lives but the features provided by Affinity Photo makes it a lucrative alternative for someone who is interested in basic features only.