Our Process, This Is How Geeks Work To Convert Your Designs To Handwritten Code

Stage 1: Project Analysis

"The Geeks Analyse The Project Before They Start Coding"

"Our process begins with the geeks analysing the project specifications after you have placed an order with us. At this stage, the geeks study all the project specifications in detail, check whether all your files, if any, are in place and try to reason out the ways in which we can enhance the project. After the initial reasoning and brainstorming, if we have certain questions to ask and recommendations to make from our end, our technical experts clarify each and everything piece by piece. Once everything is into place and our team is clear about every aspect of the project, we will start working on your project."

Stage 2: Project Planning

"The Geeks Plan The Project And Assign A Project Manager"

"At this stage, the Project Manager creates an ideal plan for the project, as a great front end development and advanced display requires immense expertise and technique. Based on the initial analysis, the Project Manager decides who would be the perfect fit to deliver a perfect finish to your PSD to HTML conversion, Javascript Development and CMS/eCommerce application solution. The plan outlines the best way to slice your PSD files and accordingly come up with the HTML markup and the CSS on one hand and on the other hand, the plan gives a layout for the implementation of CMS/eCommerce platforms. "

Stage 3: Development

"The Geeks Get TO Work And Start Coding Your Designs"

"Our developers have always believed in working on new high performance technologies, obsessive detailing and developing a design that is radical and intuitive to give something which is exceptional and high performance oriented. Each developer is proficient and has the expertise to meet the most exacting performance standards and to deliver the projects within less turn around times. Each project is undertaken on one-on-one basis and a dedicated team of developers as well as project managers work in tandem on a single project to deliver high performance. "

Stage 4: Trial Run

"The Project Gets Tested By Testing Geeks"

"Once the developers are through with the development phase, the underlying project is put through a trial run phase. In this phase, the quality assurance team ensures that the the PSD to HTML markup is pixel perfect and the other project requirements that the user wants have been carried out in the best possible way. Testing also includes cross browser and device testing, reviewing markup and final audit of the checklist for the underlying project. The quality assurance team consults the project manager as well as the developers for the inconsistencies in the project so that they deliver state-of-the-art design."

Stage 5: Delivery

"The Geeks Hand Over The Handcoded Masterpiece Or Deploy On Your Server"

"After the Quality Assurance Team approves the underlying project, we are all set to deliver you with the service. The delivery phase includes a preview of the project being delivered by the project manager for you to review the same and make sure that everything is perfectly done. If you have any questions, need support, want certain changes to be carried out and in unique cases, find that we have missed something from our end, your project managers as well as the dedicated team of developers would ensure that you are completely satisfied."

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